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Wizards Hack Into Lexington Road Sign

This is my last Harry Potter post for the day, I swear. Looks like some pranksters in Lexington, Kentucky, used the ol’ road sign hacking trick to warn Muggles about Death Eaters ahead. Sure hope they have enough Galleons to get bailed out of jail if they’re caught! Link via PostSecret

Oregon State House of Representatives Rick Rolls Itself

(Video Link) I offer four hypotheses to explain the awesomeness of this video: 1. A video editor carefully sifted through hours of floor speeches and spliced together the lyrics to Rick Astley’s song. 2. The clerks working for the legislators are pulling a huge, well-orchestrated prank. 3. The legislators are reading letters from constituents, who are the true pranksters, [...]

You’ve Been Watching Too Many Horror Movies

(Video Link) Because you’re freaking out over ordinary things. TV pranksters had a little girl in a nightgown stand in the middle of a hotel hallway. They placed hidden cameras nearby to test people’s reactions. When guests step off the elevator, they’re shocked at what they see. The best reaction is at 2:00. via Super Punch