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Monstrous, Angelic, Unusual Bridge Sculptures

“QUANTUM SHOT” #801 Link – article by Simon Rose and Avi Abrams Monstrous, Angelic or Just Plain Weird – Unusual Bridge Sculptures, Part One There are bridges in every country, all over the world, each one serving a very functional purpose, so it’s nice to know that some of the [...]

The Tatra T87: Streamlined, Fast and Mostly Unknown

“QUANTUM SHOT” #800 Link – article by Mike Gulett Designed to resemble the German Graf Zeppelin dirigibles We wrote about Tatra’s streamlined cars before (also see other aerodynamically shaped cars in our older article). We received quite a good response, asking us to continue this series. Today we feature The [...]

Cuckoo Bees Invade Other Hives

A newly-discovered bee doesn’t build hives. It sneaks into existing hives and lays eggs in order to take over! Dr. Jakub Straka of Charles University in Prague and Dr. Michael S. Engel of the University of Kansas observed five species of cuckoo bees in the Republic of Cape Verde off the coast of Africa. According to [...]

Home Tours of the Corrupt Rich and Infamous

[YouTube Clip] Hollywood may have movie stars home tours but 3-year-old Czech translator Petr Sourek has something even better: a tour of the homes of the corrupt Rich and Infamous! "In the corruption segment, the [...]

Tiny Tano The Gorilla Finds A Happy Home

How could anyone resist that adorable face? Luckily the Wilhelma Zoo in Germany can’t because they agreed to take in little Tano here after his inexperienced mother showed that she was unable to take care of the little cutie: While at Zoo Prague, keepers rushed him to an incubator because without the body warmth of [...]

Czech Kangaroo Steals Underwear

Police in Prague, Czech Republic, began receiving calls about thefts of women’s underwear from clotheslines, at about the same time a man called to report his pet kangaroo, Benji, had escaped. It all made sense when one caller said she had witnessed a kangaroo hopping off with her underwear. The marsupial was picked up shortly [...]

Canned Air From Prague

Need something to go with your dehydrated bottle of water? Here’s Canned Air from Prague! The design of the label is simple and clear, clear as the morning sky over the Charles Bridge on sunny summer morning. We carefully collect the air from the most popular places in the city. Air Contains: 20% – air from Wenceslas [...]

Anti-Gravity Dancing

(YouTube link) Whee! Four skydivers do a choreographed dance in the Skydive Arena wind tunnel in Prague, Czech Republic. The music is “Fot i Hose” by Casiokids. -via Metafilter

Horton Sees a Pluto

by Meg Muckenhoupt, Lexington, Massachusetts, USA Illustrations by Gavin Schnitzler, Tufts University School of Medicine, Boston, Massachusetts, USA On a hot night in August, while strolling in Prague, Horton the elephant peered through the fog With his portable telescope tied on a string He looked at the heavens and spotted… a thing! So Horton stopped walking and stared at the spot. “That’s [...]

The World’s Largest Indoor Photo: 360-degree Library Porn

Bibliophiles rejoice! Prague’s beautiful, 868-year-old Strahov monastery library is officially off-limits to the public, but now you can browse the spines of its books — more or less the sum of all 18th century knowledge — as if you were standing inside it. That’s because photographer Jeffrey Martin spent five days taking thousands of high-resolution [...]