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What Do Breast Implants and a Python Have in Common?

Breast implants, a python, a winning lottery ticket, a bucket of live crabs and a set of four Power Rangers costumes — all are bizarre items left behind in rooms at British locations of the Travelodge hotel chain. Apparently, working in housekeeping at a hotel is not only drudgery. It could be life threatening.  Read about other unusual objects [...]

Power Rangers + Dubstep = What Did I Just Watch

I remember a time when Power Rangers weren’t even able to morph without being suddenly transported to an undisclosed location and replaced with a crew of body doubles. Now they can do the Robot — in sync. Maybe I’m old. But maybe the Power Rangers shouldn’t be doing the Robot. Or any of the rest [...]

Mashup of Rebecca Black’s "Friday" and the Nyan Cat Theme is Really Good

(Video Link) Lara, a classically-trained musician in Sydney, has been earning major Internet points in the past few weeks for applying her skills to the sounds of pop culture, including the theme to The Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. In this recent video, she plays variations of Rebecca Black’s “Friday” and the theme to Nyan Cat together. [...]