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Ham for $159 a Pound?!

Would you pay $159 a pound for ham? Oink! In the above video, Philadelphia food and wine writer Brian Freedman takes us on a tour of some pretty fancy spots in the City of Brotherly Love that are serving up more than just cheesesteaks. The fancy ham comes from the Iberian pig and is aged [...]

Man Gets Back £51,000 He Stole

Apparently being a thief pays. 19 years ago bank manager Otto Neuman stole £150,000 in cash, gold bars, and gold coins from his own branch. When he was caught there was only about £51,000 left in cash and the gold recovered. In a bureaucratic twist of events the bank did not claim the money because their [...]

“The money went flying in the air. I saw all these young lads started grabbing the notes and I thought I’ve got no chance here”

Barry Eastwood went to the bank to withdraw £1000 to pay for his car insurance when he tripped and fell. The money blew out of his hand and he managed to hold on to [...]

Giant lobster fished up in Maine

A 27-pound lobster the size of a small child has been caught after becoming trapped in a shrimp net. Nicknamed ‘Rocky’ and measuing 40 inches the huge…

Möbius Cake

Windell Oskay made this 8-pound cake with a 3D printer called a CandyFab 4000: The shape is a 3/4 twist mobius strip with a square cross section and windows cut at regular intervals in all of the sides the side. Even though it’s hollow, it still weighs seven pounds and fourteen ounces– that’s a lot of [...]

16 Lb Baby Might Be The World’s Largest

I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want to give birth to a 16 pound baby, even if it was through a caesarian. On top of every thing else, you’d have to worry about trying to find clothes for him. Janet Johnson, who just gave birth to a son that might be the world’s [...]

Giant Tuna Sold for $396,000

In Tokyo, a giant bluefin tuna sold at auction for a record 32.49 million yen—nearly $396,000. The price for the 754-pound tuna beat the previous record set in 2001 when a 445-pound fish sold for 20.2 million yen. What do you do with a fish that sold for $526 per pound? Make sushi. The massive tuna [...]

The Comeback Story of the Octothorpe

A tongue-in-cheek opinion piece in the National Post celebrates the return of the octothorpe. Some called it the pound sign, or a “capital 3″. The Big O is a sign with deep historical and cultural roots, part of our heritage. It didn’t deserve the neglect it suffered in recent times. It’s lived under many names: the [...]

World’s Most Expensive Ham Costs $2,942 (USD)

Iberico ham began selling in London for £1,800 for a 15-pound leg joint. It’s the world’s most expensive pork, raised in western Spain and delivered in luxurious conditions: The pigs were fed on a diet of acorns and roots to give the ham a distinctive flavour. After being slaughtered their ham was salted and cured for three [...]

When The Going Gets Tough, … The Middle Class Goes Shoplifting!

A new survey by the Centre for Retail Research revealed that shopping shoplifting has increased at an astonishing rate: They found that shoplifting in Britain has increased in the past year by nearly 20 per cent to almost £5 billion, £750 million more than in 2008, keeping Britain at the top of Europe’s shoplifting table. Clothing [...]