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How Your Chicken Dinner Is Creating a Drug-Resistant Superbug

If you’ve ever suffered from a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI), you know how painful and unpleasant it can be. But if antibiotics weren’t able to cure it, the infection could spread to one’s kidneys and the rest of the body, and could even be fatal. Which is why doctors are very concerned to find that [...]

Emergency Inflatable Chicken

Emergency Inflatable Chicken – $7.95 Have you ever had one of those day where you really needed a chicken, but none were to be found? You need the Emergency Inflatable Chicken from the NeatoShop.  With this fantastic blow up poultry in a tin you will never be without a chicken again. Now it’s time to do [...]

Man Makes a Twitter Bet with His Boss, Wins $17,000

Poultry Keeper is a UK-based website for people who raise chickens, geese, and turkeys. Tim Daniels, the webmaster, tried to persuade his supervisor to see the value of Twitter. His boss didn’t believe him, so they made the wager described above. Daniels’ tweet was retweeted so many times that, by the terms of the bet, [...]