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Will global warming change our diets ?

There could soon be shortages of staple foods like potatoes due to the effects of climate change. A new report on global warming released by the Unite…

7-11′s Mashed Potato Dispenser

How you feel about this device will probably vary greatly depending on how you feel about 7-11′s other food. For example, if you think chili that slowly drips out of a vending machine is a great addition to your hot dog that’s been rolling in public view all day, then you’ll probably love these mashed [...]

Animals With Strange Allergies

The other day, I posted a story about Jax, the pup allergic to grass, but Oddee has since compiled a list of 6 more animals who have strange allergies. Above is Joey, who is allergic to meat and has to eat potatoes and porridge every day instead. Read about the rest at the link. Link

Potatoes could boost water supplies

New technology designed to extract water from potatoes could help provide drinking water during droughts. The method is being developed by PepsiCo who…