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Pepsi and Chicken Flavored Potato Chips

That’s not drinking Pepsi while eating chicken flavored potato chips, but potato chips that are infused with Pepsi flavoring and chicken flavoring. Yummy! This product of both Lay’s and PepsiCo will soon be available in China: Cola chicken is a common recipe in China, with chicken wings tossed into a wok and caramelized in soy sauce, [...]

Holiday Flavored Pringles

Pringles, though the company doesn’t call them potato chips, always tasted like potato chips, even when they sprouted flavors like barbecue and pizza. But now they are releasing three limited-edition holiday flavors that seem quite contrary to the taste of potatoes: Pumpkin Pie Spice, White Chocolate Peppermint, and Cinnamon & Sugar. You should see them [...]

Barbecue Chip Bandits

(YouTube link) A theft of potato chips in Saanich, British Columbia, got a press conference and some serious TV news coverage. However, Police Sergeant Jantzen understandably had a hard time keeping a straight face. -via The Daily What

Crocheted Anti-Facial Recognition System

How can you subvert a camera equipped with a facial-recognition system? With crochet! Howie Woo crocheted a mask with a series of detachable facial features that make you look more like a cartoon character than a real, recognizable person. Hey, these could be useful for creating real-life rage faces, too! There’s a video at his site [...]

Potato Chip Hand

A better news out of Japan today: behold the Potechi no Te or Potato Chip Hand, which helps you eat potato chips without getting greasy fingers! Link

Flavor Savers Mustache Clips

Flavor Savers Mustache Clips – $7.95 Because nobody likes cold lips and stale chips, be sure to keep all your potato chips fresh (and very hip) with the Flavor Savers Mustache Clips from the NeatoShop. This clever mustache-inspired item is our 2,000th item on the NeatoShop. It’s hard to believe that we opened our online shop two [...]

Pringle of Scotland

(YouTube link) Pringle of Scotland is an old and established sweater company which has nothing to do with potato chips. They commissioned artist David Shrigley to make a humorous video about the firm. The result is strange and delightful! -via Flotsam