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Push This Chair Over to Convert It into a Bed

Depending on its position, Yuan Yuan’s chair is either a rocking chair, a recliner or an upright chair. She calls it The Cloud House because it “depicts man in his dream and creates a semi-open and comfortable space for relaxation.” Link -via NotCot

Space Invaders Bathroom

If you’re not in a position to actually play Space Invaders while in the bathroom, this tilework will at least remind you that you should. The architecture studio OneByNine remodeled an apartment in Hong Kong to make the bathroom experience exciting. Link -via Walyou | Studio Website

Pregnant woman spends 75 days upside-down

A woman in Poland spent almost 3 months upside-down to save the lives of her two premature babies Doctors suggested the unusual position after the fir…

Chainless Bicycle

A Hungarian company called Skyex has invented the StringBike — a bicycle that uses wires and pulleys instead of a chain. Here’s how it works: The “Stringbike” uses two steel cables attached to pulleys, which move on swinging kidney-shaped discs as you pedal. The discs replace a traditional round gear system, and you can install different [...]

The FLIP Ship

Despite the many opportunities for research in the oceans, the surfaces of those seas tend to get rough. Ships being tossed around tend to do less research, so in 1962 the Office of Naval Research helped to develop the Floating Instrument Platform (FLIP). FLIP can be used in either a drifting or moored mode, based on [...]