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Peter Cushing and His Miniature Soldiers

Peter Cushing is famous for his roles in the Hammer films, his portrayal of Sherlock Holmes, his time on Doctor Who, and later as Grand Moff Tarkin in Star Wars (among many other roles). The man had some nerd cred. And he totally painted miniature soldiers and played with them, just like us. (For [...]

10 Fictional Characters You Didn’t Know Were Based on Real People

No, the real Abed isn’t nearly as awkward or insane as the Abed from Community, but he’s certainly just as obsessed with pop culture. Even so, it’s hardly a flattering portrayal of the real life version, but he’s certainly better represented than many other people who had fictional characters based on them, as evidenced by [...]

A History of Stuttering in the Movies

The new movie The King’s Speech is about George VI and his problem with stuttering. The film is being hailed for its sensitive portrayal of stuttering, which is relative to the quite insensitive way previous movies have presented the disorder. The movie, as formulaic in its way as Rocky or Rudy, is buoyed by its good [...]