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Watch A Man Age 12 Years In About 8 Minutes

(YouTube Link) Photographer Noah Kalina braved the inherent fear of aging and took 4,514 portraits of himself over 12 years, then he put them all together in video form, adding a suitably eerie electronic track for aural effect. Since this is the follow up to his previous 6 year record, I’m sure he’ll keep checking in with [...]

Ghostly Images with Light Stencils

Light stenciling is like light graffiti, except that it uses stencils for greater control. Wittner Fabrice is a master of the craft and used his skills to create portraits in Vietnam. The people look like phantoms moving through the night. Link | Artist’s Website | How Light Stencils Work

Portrait Created From The Average Of 500 Photos

This is what Flickr user clickflashwhirr looks like when 500 portraits of her, which she takes every day like the world’s most dedicated narcissist, are averaged into one angelic looking photo. The guy who put the photos together might be stalking her on Flickr, but I’m sure she will be flattered to see the result of [...]

Cosplay Portraits

Photographer Senen Llanos took portraits of cosplayers attending New York’s Comic-Con this weekend. He highlighted the subject by separating the character from the “busy background” that you’re familiar with in convention photos. See 39 cosplay portraits at his site. Link

Embroidered Wine Stains

Amelia Harnas carefully and repeatedly stained fabric with wine using a wax resist dyeing technique. Then she embroidered highlights onto the fabric, creating lovely and unique portraits. Link -via Nag on the Lake

Cork Mosaics

Scott Gundersen makes enormous portraits out of used wine corks. If I understand it correctly, Gundersen doesn’t paint the corks at all, but arranges them by their pre-existing colors. Pictured above is Grace, a survivor of the Rwandan genocide who, Gundersen states, “came to fully embody her name, shared her story and regained her smile.” [...]

Pencil Shaving Portraits

Kyle Bean made portraits of the contributors to Wallpaper* Handmade, an annual design exhibition in Milan. You can view four more at the link. Link -via Dude Craft | Wallpaper Handmade Previously by Kyle Bean: Chicken Sculpture Made out of Eggshells Nesting Cell Phones