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Homemade Portal Pinball Machine

If pinball is great and Portal is great, then a Portal pinball machine is simply amazing. Unfortunately, there aren’t any commercially available…yet. That didn’t stop Reddit user iliveon though -he simply made his own pinball machine based on the popular game. Link Via Kotaku

Steampunk Portal Gun Is Brasstastic

A while back I posted about the Portal Gun replica being released by NECA, and it was glorious (the gun, not the article). Well, this bad mofo, built by crafty individual Batman-N-Bananas, puts that pretty little number to shame. It’s a Steampunk styled Portal Gun, like the one carried by Chell in the Portal video game [...]

This Is Aperture- A Portal Nightmare

(YouTube Link) This Is Aperture is robots and laser beams, and some beautiful scenes from the video game Portal 2 cut together with a song sung to the tune of This Is Halloween from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Aside from a few questionable word choices and forced rhymes, it’s cyber cute and definitely lives up to [...]

Mario Portal

What do you get when you combine Mario Bros. with Portal? Here’s your favorite plumber like you’ve never seen him before, courtesy of stabyourself: Hit play or go to Link [YouTube] – via The [...]

The Gary Hudston Project

(YouTube link) Attention, Portal 2 fans! Gary Hudston commissioned a series of custom levels of the game. The clever puzzles were put together by designers Doug “TopHATTWaffle” Hoogland and Rachel “Miss Stabby” van der Meer, who should probably be hired by Valve to work on Portal 3. And if you’re wondering how they did such an accurate [...]

Life-Size Portal Turret Can’t Shoot, but Looks Cool

I am a a big fan of video games and if you have ever played the game Portal, you will recognize this DIY creation right away. The builder handcrafted the turret and it took about a month to build. It has motion detection, a laser pointer, and when it senses motion it plays the sound [...]

Class Cancelled

The PC version of Portal 2 launched today. Obviously, there will be a drop in productivity in all sectors, and no reason to bother holding class. Geoff Pado’s professor gave in. Link -via reddit