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Porsche TV Display

YouTube user Kanaal Van Ronorozco makes TV display centers in the front or back ends of classic vehicles, such as this 2005 Porsche 996. It’s not a fabrication, but the actual rear of the car, right down to the brake calipers. With a push of a button, the brake lights flash and the screen opens [...]

Porsche Engine Cylinders Recycled as Wine Bottle Coolers

Sports car maker Porsche offers wine bottle chillers that are taken out of old 911 G-series air-cooled engines. Can you find one from a ‘73 Vega? No, which is a pity, because nothing cools like an aluminum engine block. Link -via Tasteologie | Photo: Porsche

The Man Who Saved His Porsche from a Flood on an Inflatable Raft

Bill Musselman lives in Kentucky on the Ohio River. When it recently flooded, he certainly wasn’t going to let take away his prized 1992 Porsche American Roadster. So he and a friend lashed together three bladders designed to carry 7,500 pounds. It worked! Built by AirDock, Smokey and Bill used 3 bladders that make up a [...]

Most Sensuous Car Shapes Ever Designed

“QUANTUM SHOT” #319(rev)Link – by Avi Abrams Cast your vote for the most gorgeous car body! These are the prime contenders. Continuing our popular series, we are going to celebrate the most exciting and eye-pleasing body styles in car design, from last 70 years of the automobile era. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but [...]

Porsche 911 smearing milk chocolate

Porsche 911 Carrera S smearing milk chocolate In anticipation of the Catholic Christmas and New Year, European dealers are usually decorated with fir trees and various shops garlands. However, the Dutch retailer, Porsche decided to experiment a bit. Before entering into a showroom dealer put chocolate Porsche 911 Carrera S. Before you decorate sports car, he carefully [...]