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Tweeting Birds

By placing pork fat on a keyboard, Latvian artist Voldemars Dudums was able to convince hungry tomtits to tweet. Is it silly? Dudums says: Yes, one may say it is quite silly, but if you look what people are sometimes writing on Twitter, then I think the tomtits messages still okay. The birds have, so far, 4,322 [...]

Diving Pig Bacon

Have you heard that certain meats taste much better when their respective animals live stress free lives? I am sure you have. But what about when their respective animals live diving lives? A farmer in China’s Hunan province is claiming that his bacon tastes better because of his diving pigs. Huang Demin built a 3 meter tall [...]

The Pork Elixir

Oink! Check out Josh Ozersky as he takes you on a walking tour of the best pork BBQ in NYC’s Chinatown. I’m definately adding these restaurants to my to-do list next time I get to the Big Apple. And if you’re still in the mode for pork after watching the video, be sure to take a [...]

Who Says Cupcakes Have to Be Sweet?

This BBQ pulled pork cupcake from the Bourbon Steak Lounge in Washington D.C. may not be full of sugar, but it’s loaded with something just as good -sweet, saucy pork. As for the batter, it happens to be made with cheddar scallion biscuit batter. Sure it sounds a little odd, but I’m willing to bet this [...]

Pork Roast Molded in the Shape of a Pig

You can’t be sure how some people will respond to pork. I grew up with pickled pigs’ feet — a delicacy in the South — but often encounter people who think they’re disgusting. So although Consumerist reader Lee finds this roast unappealing, I have my knife and fork ready. Link -via Gizmodo

The Quick 10: 10 McRib Facts

The McRib is back! Here are ten fun facts about America’s favorite limited-time fast food sandwich. 1. There’s more to a McRib than barbecue sauce-slathered pork on a bun with onions and pickles. The sandwich contains a staggering 70 different ingredients, the least innocuous of which are “pig bits like tripe, heart, and scalded stomach.” [...]

Strategic Pork Reserve

The United States has the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, but China has got something truly important: the Strategic Pork Reserve. You’ve read that right: the Chinese government is stockpiling frozen hogs in warehouses to stabilize the price of pork against market fluctuations and ensure supply. China is a porcine superpower as well as a human one. The [...]

Que Cologne For Grill Masters

Father’s Day is fast approaching and most of us are wracking our brains for gift ideas for the dad who has everything. There is no need to stress. Pork Barrel BBQ has come up with the perfect present for the grilling guy in your life who is yearning to smell like sweat and meat! Que, an [...]

Scientists grow meat in a laboratory

In a world first scientists have succeeded in growing meat in a lab, while not particularly appetizing the pork equivalent is a step towards a fut…