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Stormtrooper Deck Chair

We could look for those droids. But instead, let’s just knock off early and go sit on the porch. It’s doesn’t sound like it’s anything important. I think the Sarge was just trying to keep us busy. Take it easy in this chair made by the Got Wood Workshop. Link -via Nerd Bastards

Tiny Houses on Tiny Islands

Tired of those pesky neighbors? Here’s the solution! The aptly-named Just Room Enough Island in Canada’s Saint Lawrence River has just enough room for a single small house. When the water is low, the owners can put their lawn furniture out on the porch and get some sun. It’s one of several similar houses featured [...]

This Turtle Is Determined to Protect His Hood

(Video Link) Cats are not welcome to mess around on this turtle’s property, even if their food is scattered all over his porch.

Old Records as a Roofing Material

Nashville musican Matt Glassmeyer built a roof on his porch out of 350 damaged LP records. It’s held up pretty well after two years of use. Link via Dude Craft | Glassmeyer’s Website | Photo: Tree Hugger

The Rovin’ Pumpkin

You may recall the Dalek Pumpkin from 2006, the Snap-o-Lantern from 2007, and the Dark Detecting Jack-o-Lantern from 2008. The fertile minds at Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories have announced their Halloween pumpkin project for 2009, and it’s a winner! The Rovin’ Pumpkin’ is a simple robotic pumpkin, and a close cousin of the Snap-O-Lantern. Silently, it [...]