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Invertebrates at risk of extinction

One fifth of the world’s population of spineless creatures are believed to be at risk of going extinct. Species that perform vital tasks such as bees …

Are we headed for a vegetarian future ?

Global food and water shortages could force the world’s population to turn vegetarian by the year 2050. As the population heads towards 9 billion, lea…

American Pi: US Population Hit 314 Million People

Americans celebrate Pi Day on March 14 (3/14), but earlier this week on August 14, we celebrate something kind of related: Just after 2:29 p.m. EDT today, the American population reached 314,159,265, or [...]

Population Growth Explained Using Colored Water

Here’s a short, beautifully shot video: a visual explanation of how the human population got to 7 billion, using tinted water dripping into and out of seven glasses — one for each continent. Drops that go in the top are births, drops that leak out the bottom are deaths. Using this simple [...]

World’s Growing Obesity is Like Adding an Extra Billion People

Want to rile up a Malthusian? Tell ‘em that not only there will be billions more people on Earth, there will be billions more FAT people! According to researchers from the London School of Hygiene [...]

Japan Could Become Extinct in 1,000 Years

Beset by aging population and low birth rates, Japan is facing a slow-moving crisis: researchers calculated that it could become extinct in 1,000 years! Academics in the northern city of Sendai said that Japan’s population [...]

Welcome to the Anthropocene

Two hundred and fifty years ago in Europe, a series of invention ushered the Industrial Revolution. Since then, modernization has swept through the rest of the world, much to the benefit of man. It took 200,000 years for the human [...]

Messing with Mother Nature: The Macquarie Island Ecosystem

The story of the Macquarie Island ecosystem may remind you of the song about the woman who swallowed a fly. The island was exploited mercilessly, but various plans to repair the damage had their own unintended consequences. Introducing a non-native species to control another invasive species can backfire and escalate the situation to ridiculous and [...]

Fantastic 120-Year-Old Color Pictures of Ireland

St. Patrick’s Day has already come and gone this year, but there is a lot more to the Emerald Isle than the supposed World’s Greatest Snake Exterminator. Need some proof? Just check out these vivid vintage pictures of Ireland taken between 1890 and 1900 and organized by county, courtesy of the Library of Congress. County Antrim Glenoe [...]

What is the risk of human extinction ?

As our population grows in excess of seven billion are we really vulnerable to extinction ? Professor Nick Bostrom seems to think so; he believes that…