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The New Tablet

The great thing about new gadgets and their popularity is that it makes replacement components for my dinosaur desktop all that much cheaper. Comic from The Doghouse Diaries. Link -via Geeks Are Sexy

Propaganda Posters For The Hunger Games

With the overwhelming popularity of The Hunger Games, it’s not surprising that the interwebs is filling up with fan art created to satisfy even the hungriest Hunger-ling. College Humor has created this series of funny propaganda posters based on the hit film, and whether you’re a fan of the movie or not I’m sure you’ll appreciate [...]

The Nanny Dog

Only recently have pit bulls gained a reputation for being dangerous dogs, mainly due to their popularity among those who breed and train dogs to be overly aggressive -or to just look scary. For generations, the breed was known as “The Nanny Dog.” See a collection of children’s pictures taken with their beloved and loyal [...]

The 20 Most Popular People On The Internet

Who are the most popular people on the internet? Well, they are not popular just for being on the internet -it takes a presence in the real world. However, the internet can measure a celebrity’s popularity pretty well. And the most popular person, teen pop singer Justin Bieber, got his start on the internet. In the [...]

Google Book Data Shows the Resurgence of the Geek

Google has a new tool in which you can search the books that Google has digitized for a keyword and get statistics from as far back as the 16th century. The Google Book Ngram Viewer gives you data you can use to track the popularity of …just about anything. For example, Geeks Are Sexy looked [...]

Beer Production and Consumption Around the World

Beer is the World’s Third-Most Consumed Beverage, Losing Only to Water and tea in Terms of popularity and with Nearly With 148 Billion Litre produced, The People Consumed All Of this Beer Are as Diverse as the Beers They Brew. The Graphic Below Illustrates The Differences of Comsumption and Production by CountryRead More :- Lunch

Can Older Movies Be Made Into 3-D Versions?

With the rise in popularity of a certain movie lately, and its stunning advancements in 3-D technology, the titular question is being asked worldwide. The short answer? Yes, but it won’t look very good. Shucks, there goes my dream of seeing The Empire Strikes Back in glorious 3-D. The Michael Jackson tribute at the Grammys last [...]

Will our universe collide with another ?

Its a scenario of apocalyptic proportions but in a theory that is rising in popularity among physicists our universe may not only have the potenti…