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Cleverbot: For Those Times When You Want to Have a Conversation with a Sarcastic Robot

Sure, you could talk to actual human beings, but who want want to? Cleverbot, an artificial intelligence, is willing to have a conversation with you. Just start typing in the blank space. The program was developed by computer scientist Rollo Carpenter and his firm, Icogno Ltd. Link via Geekologie | Screenshot: Geekologie | Video from Popular [...]

Irritating Side Effect of Cocaine Vaccine: It Causes Users to Take 10 Times as Much Cocaine as Before

Last October, I posted about a drug that binds antibodies to cocaine to diminish its pleasurable effects in users. Well, it’s not working out terribly well because some users are responding by taking enough cocaine to overwhelm its protection: Nobody overdosed, but some of them had 10 times more cocaine coursing through their systems than researchers [...]

Mario in a Petri Dish

When microbiologists aren’t curing diseases, they create works of art in petri dishes. In fact, they have an annual competition at the international Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) conference. This entry, inspired by Super Mario Bros., was submitted by the nanobiology laboratory at the University of Osaka. You can view a gallery of petri dish art [...]

Vintage Magazines Predicted a Wacky Future

(More scans at Woot!) Yes, the glorious days of publishing were characterized by whatever could grab your attention on the cover. Popular Science, Popular Mechanics, and Modern Mechanix led the way in eye-popping art that seemed all the more plausible because of who was publishing it. Scientists and mechanics know what they’re talking about, and what [...]

Fire-Fighting Robot

(YouTube Link) The Fire Spy Robot, developed by the South Korean firm Hoya Robot, can be thrown into a burning building, roll through fire, take pictures, and inform firefighters outside of the conditions inside. In addition to reconnaissance duties, it can tow a water hose and spray the fire: The little two-wheeled robot can roam through the [...]

Möbius Strip Music Box

(Video Link) Brooklyn-based artist Ranjit Bhatnagar works with sound installations and homemade instruments. He created this music box guided by a Möbius strip. It’d be perfect for playing “The Song That Never Ends“! Bhatnagar made the music box as part of a project to create a musical instrument every day for a month. Artist’s Website via Popular [...]