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On Remembrance Day

The guns fell silent 94 years ago today. The long nightmare that was the First World War was over. Artist Rachel Holding marked the occasion by making this wreath out of toy soldiers and a single plastic poppy. Link -via Nag on the Lake

Stained Glass AK-47

deviantART user shanti1971 made this piece entitled “The End of the Revolution”. That’s a poppy sticking out of the end of the barrel. The poppy is a traditional symbol of remembrance for the war dead, especially those of World War I, in the UK and much of the Commonwealth. Link | Previously: Rifle in Stained Glass

Will This Be on the (Drug) Test? On Poppy Seeds and False Positives

The other day, I caught a few minutes of the Seinfeld episode where Elaine Benes fails a drug test at work thanks to her fondness for the poppy seed muffins at Monk’s coffee shop. Can something as innocuous and innocent as a poppy seed pastry really make you look like a junkie? Although opium is processed [...]