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Wilco Channels Popeye For Their Latest Music Video

(YouTube Link) No one has ever accused me of being a fan of Wilco, or their alt-country sound, but I have been a huge fan of Popeye ever since I was a wee lad, getting in trouble for emulating the Sailor Man by beating up kids on the playground at preschool. These days, I like my Popeye [...]

Full House: Tournament Fighter

This Street Fighter + Full House combo is probably the best thing I’ve seen all week. Are Uncle Jesse’s guitar licks and hair goo spills enough to defeat Joey and his Popeye imitation? You know they are. Wait until you see what his “Finish Him!” trick is, though. Link via Flavorwire

Jaws/Peanuts Mashup

After making a popular mashup of Popeye and Indiana Jones, cartoonist Chuck Forsman decided to recreate scenes from the movie Jaws as though it was a comic strip by Charles Schultz. Read the whole thing at the link. Link -via Nerdcore

Popeye Butt

Pain in the butt after being rear ended? No double entendre intended (ya pervs) – I mean if you’ve literally got pain in the butt after a traffic accident, then perhaps you’ve got a case of Popeye Butt: … while having a butt like Popeye’s bicep sounds even worse, it’s actually a medical first, according to [...]

The Quick 10: Why a Typo Caused Popeye to Eat Spinach and Other Popeye Facts

Yesterday was a big day in Hollywood – it was the Golden Globes, sure (did you love Ricky Gervais or think he dropped the ball?), but it was also the anniversary of the first time the world was introduced to a beloved cartoon – Popeye. To celebrate the famous spinach-swilling seadog, here are a few [...]