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Eau de Pope: Cologne Designed Just for The Pope

Does the Pope smell good? That’s like asking the question whether he’s Catholic – of course he smells good, thanks to a custom cologne developed just for him: The cologne is meant to reflect the [...]

Pope chased demons from St. Peter’s Square

A leading Catholic exorcist has revealed an alleged incident in which the Pope exorcised two men. Gabriele Amorth described how the two men had been t…

Teen Kills Possible Chupacabra

A teenage boy in Texas has claimed to have shot and killed a Chupacabra, the infamous “goat sucker” of Cryptozoology. I like how although they claim to have the Chupacabra dead in their backyard, there is still only this grainy, blurry photo. If you claim you have a Chupacabra you really have to get in [...]

First Pope Phone Call In Space

This past Saturday Pope Benedict became the first pope to call astronauts in space. He talked to the crew of the Space Shuttle Endeavour along with those at the International Space Station. From space, “I think it must be obvious to you that we all live together on this earth and how absurd it is that [...]

Body of Pope John Paul II exhumed

The late Pope’s body has been exhumed from the Basilica crypts ahead of his beatification on Sunday. His coffin will be placed at the main altar of S…

Pope to answer questions on TV show

For the first time ever the Pope will appear on a TV programme to answer questions about his faith. The show is called “In his image” and is scheduled…

Pope declares God was behind the Big Bang

The idea that the universe came in to being by accident should be rejected, the Pope has stated. Speaking to a crowd of 10,000 at St Peter’s Basilica …

Pope urges respect for embryos

Pope Benedict XVI has made a statement during a vespers service requesting respect for embryos. The Pope emphasised the need to respect human life fro…

Vatican astronomer speaks out on alien life

The Pope’s astronomer has said that he believes intelligent alien life with souls may be living among the stars. Speaking at the British Science festi…

Pornocracy: Rule by Harlots

If democracy is rule by the people (from the Greek words “demos” for people and “kratos” for power), and theocracy is rule by religious body, then what about pornocracy? Yes it’s real and no, it’s not what you’re thinking of. In the tenth century, the papacy of the Roman Catholic Church fell under the influence of [...]