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The Resemblance!

Some people come by a pop culture costume honestly. Redditor MissAshley214 posted a photo of her husband’s grandmother, who doesn’t need a lot of special effects to portray the cartoon character Maxine. Link

The Making of a Mega Man Cake

So, you think you can’t possibly make a cake in some super-geeky shape for a birthday, but check out what wonders you can create with Rick Krispy Treats and some brightly-colored fondant! A wordless photoessay takes you through the steps to make this Mega Man cake. The technique can be adapted to other pop culture [...]

Rise of the Living Type

You’ve seen artistic alphabets here with letters designed to evoke various pop culture worlds, but this is not a modern idea. Polish goldsmith Jan Christian Bierpfaff designed this fancy Baroque “organic alphabet” in the mid-1600s. See the rest of it at BibliOdyssey. Link

Classic Helmets Turned Steampunk

If you’ve managed to put together a great steampunk version of a pop culture costume, but just can’t seem to find the right helmet, Etsy user Kyobb just might have what you’re looking for. Of course, even if they don’t work for your costume, they are simply stunning to look at and would make great [...]

Bite Your Tongue Geeks

Sure the geek-revolution is great for those of us who read Neatorama, but what about the jocks and pop-culture lovers? They’re tired of getting picked on by the more intelligent among us. This PSA reminds us that words hurt and sometimes geeks need to just bite their tongue. Link

Pop Culture Ice Cream

The art collective Stoyn made molded ice cream treats of pop culture figures, including Marilyn Monroe and Donald Duck. It’s unclear whether Mario, who is available in tequila sunrise flavor, is actually alcoholic. Link (Google Translate) -via Fubiz (Google Translate)

Ambigrams and Upside-down Heads

Sam “No Nickname” Saxton makes vertical ambigrams with illustrations that read the same whether you hold them right side up or upside down. He’s given the treatment to presidents, pop culture figures, and even Star Wars characters! Link

Pop Culture Silhouettes

Artist Olly Moss, whose awesome work we’ve previously featured on Neatorama, showed an exhibition of silhouette images from pop culture. If you live in Los Angeles, you can view them at Gallery 1988 through May 20. How many at the link can you identify without consulting outside sources? Link via NotCot | Photo: Bobby Solomon | [...]

Pokémon/Dr. Seuss Mashup Contest

The cartoon blog Draw 2D2, I gather, offers a regular stream of mashups between different pairs of pop culture icons. Most recently, the artists there tackled Pokémon and Dr. Seuss. Jason Welborn added a few lines of Seussian poetry to his contribution. Link via Popped Culture

10 Ways Pokémon Pikachu Powers Up Pop Culture

Imagine riding to kindergarten in a bus that looks like Pikachu -you would learn to love school right off the bat! This is just one of the ways the Pokémon character has settled into pop culture all over. Check out the other nine ways, including the USB Head Bobble Pikachu, Pikachu shoes, and the The [...]