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Chocolate Sculptures Too Awesome To Eat

Hakan Martensson knows his away around the sweet stuff, and his chocolate sculptures of fantastic beasts and pop culture icons are so detailed it would be a shame to eat such a beautiful work of art! Be sure to check out Hakan’s website for more fabulous sculpts by the master chocolatier. Link –image source –via Ology

Pop Surrealism From The Mind Of Mike Mitchell

Mike Mitchell is no stranger to Neatorama, since his paintings of Brobocop and the Parks and Recreation cast in Casablanca, have graced our pages before. So, as soon as I saw the gallery at BuzzFeed I just had to share. This guy knows how to paint beloved pop culture icons like you’ve never seen them before, [...]

Wonderfully Weird Subway Posters

Japan is well-known for its fascination with pop culture icons, which is why it’s not too surprising that even their subway posters feature immediately recognizable characters including Jesus, Superman, Marilyn Monroe and more. The one above reminds commuters not to forget their umbrella. See more at Flavorwire. Link

Alternative Histories Filled With Monsters

I know I just shared a Flickr set of alternative histories with pop culture icons, but Etsy seller Matthew Buchholz has an equally notable art series featuring artwork of historical events reimagined to incorporate monsters, aliens and robots. Link Via Laughing Squid

15 Geeky Stained Glass Masterpieces

Stained glass is generally reserved for the windows of churches. But if you worship science fiction, video games, or other geeky pop culture icons, there are still plenty of stained glass pieces just for you. 1. Boba Fett Helmet Not all stained glass belongs on a window. DeviantArt user Mclanesmemories proves it with a Tiffany-styled Boba Fett [...]

Oliver Akuin’s Art Is A Cartoon Delight

If you have ever seen Adventure Time on Cartoon Network, then you are already familiar with Oliver’s surreal and quirky cartoon style. If you love cartoons but have never seen Adventure Time then you’re missing out on a great show! Oliver tackles pop culture icons from cartoons, video games, and the movies and brings his [...]

15 Snowmen You Wish You’d Made

It’s time for snowmen! And snow women, and animals, and pop culture icons …anything you can make out of snow. My daughter packed five-gallon buckets of snow to make a sort-of robot-shaped snowman. Those who have more snow, more time, and a dose of imagination have made some startlingly wondrous creations. For this list, I [...]