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Clown Skull

Alas, poor Giggles! I knew him, Horatio; a fellow of infinite jest. I hope that artist Vik Muniz returns the clown’s skull to the churchyard for proper burial. Artist’s Website -via Wunderkammer

Why Turtles Don’t Eat Raspberries in the Wild

(Video Link) Poor little Peanut. All he wants is to eat a raspberry, but the fruit keeps running away from him. Via I Can Has Cheezburger

The Terrible Truth Behind Adventure Time

Poor Finn, looks like all those fantastic adventures he’s been going on with his stretchy doggy pal Jake have all taken place within his imagination after all. I hope they don’t pull the plug before we get to watch a couple more seasons of Adventure Time, ’cause it’s one of my favs! What’s that you say? You [...]

Baby Hates Miley Cyrus

Poor Miley can’t get no break! Watch as this cute one-year-old baby cry in horror when Miley Cyrus came on the telly. Hit play or go to Link [YouTube] (the toothy grin at the end is so cute!)

Talk About An Oscar Snub

(Video Link) Poor Miss Piggy, she’s totally right, it’s complete pigism that prevented her from getting the nomination. Hollywood, your prejudices disgust me. Via The Mary Sue

The World’s Most Dapper Koala

Poor Asha just had what was almost certainly his worst day ever; he was hit by two different cars while trying to cross the street. Fortunately, a rescuer found him in time to save him. The rescuer then took him to the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital, where the vets were able to treat all of [...]

The Pup Who Is Allergic To Grass

Poor little Jax is allergic to grass, which is a huge problem for a dog. Fortunately, his vet suggested he get new doggie boots, which not only leave him looking utterly adorable, but also protect him from his allergies so he can now run free and wild outside. Link Via I Has A Hot Dog

SETI Shuts Down Search for Alien Due To Budget Cuts

Poor ET will have to wait a tad bit longer to be found as SETI has shut down its Allen Telescope Array due to lack of funding. Frank Marchis of Cosmic Diary writes: The future of the ATA may depend of the US Air Force program. Unfortunately, because of the recent federal finance turmoil, no clear [...]

Your Keyboard’s Secret Life

Poor Scroll Lock. Have a look at more like this at AcidCow. Somebody help me out with On-Pause-Off… I don’t get it, is it a Mac thing? Link