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The Lord of the Ponies

(Video Link) The One Horseshoe has a terrible power and our heroes must destroy it. Join the fellowship of Applegorn, Celestiadalf, Twilegolas, Rainbowomir and others as they face down the power of Maredor. Jacob Kitts, who previously retold Star Wars with ponies, now gives The Lord of the Rings the full brony treatment. Jacob Kitts’s Website -via [...]

My Little Pony Kirk and Spock

Master ponysmith Sara Bean made these excellent Star Trek ponies. Notice her attention to detail on the Spock figure, which features the IDIC symbol, pointed ears and, of course, a horn protruding from his forehead. Link

My Little Cyberman

The Doctor’s old foes, the Cybermen, have constructed new allies from ponies. Are they vulnerable to gold? There’s only one way to find out! Link -via Technabob

The Anatomy of A Toy

Artist Jason Freeny isn’t content with viewing the exterior of some of our favorite toy characters, he wants to know what the insides of Care Bears and My Little Ponies look like. His depictions of the creation’s innards are delightful for biology-loving geeks and terrifying for children. Link