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Star Trek Insignia Button Set

Star Trek Insignia Button Set – $4.95 Are business suits and smart casual dressing depressing you? Now you can dress up any outfit with your favorite Starfleet or Klingon insignia with the Star Trek Insignia Button Set from the NeatoShop. ┬áIt won’t make your suit as comfortable as your favorite Pon Farr shirt, but at least [...]

Wil Wheaton Playing with a Star Trek Christmas Ornament

(Video Link) In a video appropriately titled “I’ll Be Pon Farr Christmas”, geek celebrity Wil Wheaton plays with a Christmas ornament that he discovered. It depicts a scene from the Star Trek episode “Amok Time” and plays appropriate music. Warning: rumor has it that if you say Wil Wheaton’s name three times, he will appear before you. [...]

I Have a Bad Case of the Pon Far …

I Have a Bad Case of the Pon Farr And You’re The Cure! – $19.95 Quick! Get this Pon Farr T-shirt from the NeatoShop before the blood fever sets and death is inevitable. Who knows, it may help geeks find their mates during Star Trek conventions … Link | I’m Giving Her All She’s Got T-Shirt [...]