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48 Movie Line Rhymes

The above video contains scenes from 48 movies. It’s one of the coolest mashups I’ve ever seen, period. From the Vimeo page: Inspired by lifelong obsessions with beats, rhymes and feature films, Jordan Laws delivers an ingenious mega-mix of classic movie lines. But this isn’t some slapped-together highlight reel. Laws produced an original beat, scoured movie [...]

Sketchy Business: The Life of a Courtroom Artist

Courtroom sketch artist Shepard (in red) shows one of her drawings of the Martha Stewart trial to a reporter. © Ramin Talaie/Corbis/2004 Why can’t they just use a photographer? In many cases in the US (and the UK and Canada), cameras aren’t allowed into the courtroom. Especially in high-profile trials, where the presence of many media personnel [...]

Obscure Words Illustrated by Polly M. Law

This is fantastic: artist Polly M. Law illustrated 100 odd and obscure words with her unique bricolage style in The Word Project. My favorite is this one above, in which she magnificently illustrated the word “dinomania”: (n) irresistible urge to dance. (Yes, the word also also means obsession with dinosaurs). See more at Brain Pickings: Link

Talking Pictures: Haunting Photos of The Dead

Growing up, I collected pictures of people I didn’t know. I lived in South Florida, the land of junk stores, garage sales and big-tent flea markets, and if I didn’t try hard to avoid these places I would invariably be dragged to at least one a month, where amidst endless dusty aisles of sock monkeys [...]