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Fresh Air in a Can

When authorities don’t seem to be taking air pollution seriously, China’s billionaire Chen Guangbiao tried to raise awareness in a very unusual way: he’s selling canned of fresh air collected from remote regions of [...]

Pollution Over Beijing

Cloudy skies over Beijing? Actually, no – the gray haze you see above is pollution. NASA’s Aqua satellite captured the patch of winter haze over the mega cities of Beijing and Tianjin on January 10, [...]

Food Delivered in Underground Tubes

Considering the pollution and congestion on our roads, could it be time for the return of pneumatic tubes for deliveries? A British project called Foodtubes proposed that a network of high-speed pipelines be built underneath the United Kingdom to deliver food shipments from source to city. The food would sail along in small capsules at upwards [...]

Glowing tadpoles to detect pollution

Researchers looking for more effective and less expensive ways to detect harmful pollution in water have come up with a genetically engineered tad…

New fears for species extinctions

Extinction rates are a lot higher than previously predicted with threats to biodiversity and ecosystems such as pollution, climate change and urba…