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Tree Has Far Too Much Pollen

(Video Link) This tree in Lewisburg, Tennessee has a lot of pollen. A gentle shake reveals how much. via Geekosystem

Bees "Entomb" Contaminated Pollen

Scientists have uncovered another clue in the perplexing mystery of worldwide disappearance of honeybees, also known as the Colony Collapse Disorder: Scientists have found numerous examples of a new phenomenon – bees “entombing” or sealing up hive cells full of pollen to put them out of use, and protect the rest of the hive from their [...]

Volcanoes May Have Killed Off Neanderthals

A new theory says that volcanic activity in Europe’s past may have contributed to the extinction of Neanderthals. Several volcanos erupted in a short period of time along the Caucasus Mountains about 40,000 years ago. Populations of Neanderthals, who lived mainly in Europe, may have been reduced to the point they couldn’t compete with modern [...]

Alexander the Great not first at Alexandria

Microscopic bits of pollen and charcoal have cast doubt on the notion that Alexander the Great was the first to settle the area in Egypt that woul…