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Policeman photographs ‘transparent being’

A UFO group in Taiwan is attempting to authenticate an image taken at a hiking site by a policeman. The image shows a strange figure with a mostly see…

Man drives off with policeman on front of car

A man in China has been jailed after he drove off with a policeman clinging to the front of his car. The unusual incident took place in East China’s X…

Woman Fined for Having Car Parked in the Same Spot since 208 AD

A woman in Sicily faced a massive fine for illegal parking when a police officer accidentally noted the year 208 instead of 2008: Police in Sicily issued a whopping 32,000 euros ($44,500) fine for an illegally parked car after totting up 2,000 years of interest by mistake, Italy’s Repubblica newspaper said Wednesday. The interest due was calculated [...]

LEGO City Key Light

LEGO City Minifig Keylights: Policeman, Fireman, Construction Worker – $9.95 LEGO has come up with the follow-up of their popular Minifig keychain LED flashlight: here are the Policeman, Fireman, and Construction Worker City Key Light from the NeatoShop. Please take a look at our current selection of neat LEGO stuff – they’re the perfect geek gifts: [...]

Socorro UFO witness Zamora dies

Policeman Lonnie Zamora, a witness to one of the most well known UFO incidents, the Socorro incident of 1964, has died of a heart attack. Zamora’s…

Police officer sees "aliens" at crop circle

In a bizarre case that occured earlier this year a policeman in Wiltshire contacted UFO experts after claiming to have seen three aliens examining…

Was the Zamora UFO incident a hoax ?

One of the world’s most well known UFO incidents is now believed to be a hoax. The “Zamora Incident” involved a policeman in New Mexico who report…

Russian Man claims Jesus of Siberia

The beard and long hair are both present and correct. And with his flowing linen robes and beatific smile he certainly does a fine impression of a holy man. But to his believers in this remote corner of Siberia, Sergei Torop, a former traffic policeman, is the literal reincarnation of none other than Jesus Christ.Russian ex-traffic cop [...]