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For Pole-Vaulters, Clearing the Bar Is the Easy Part

You know how hard it is to travel to other places, especially overseas, with luggage. Imagine you have to travel with sports equipment. Now imagine that equipment is your 17-foot-long vaulting pole. Olympic pole vault hopeful Mark Hollis is used to the hassle, but that doesn’t make it easier. “Traveling with the poles is just horrible; [...]

Male Pole Dancing

If I say the words "pole dancing," what image comes to your mind? Scantily-clad women gyrating on a pole? Helloooo! It’s the twenty first century, people – where’s your sense of gender equality? Thankfully, a [...]

Light shed on South Pole dog-sized dinosaurs

Small dinosaurs that lived near the south pole were able to survive through months of darkness. Scientists attempting to unravel their secrets were su…

Boy survives bamboo pole through neck

A boy playing with his friends found himself being impaled through the neck on a bamboo pole. Pretending the pole was a spear he had the bamboo in his…

The Amazing Slide House

When I was a youngster, I thought firefighters were the coolest people alive…not because they were heroes, but because they got to slide down a pole to go to work. These days, while I respect the heck out of firefighters (anyone who lives in Southern California knows just how important they are), I have to [...]

Pterosaurs used "pole vault" takeoff

According to a new study pterosaurs would have “pole vaulted” in to the air when taking off. Unlike modern birds prehistoric winged reptiles would hav…

Antarctic Architecture

Buildings are buildings are buildings … except when they’re in Antarctica, where the extreme environment make them look like futuristic spaceships that land on a desolate, frozen landscape. Oobject has a neat gallery of antarctic architecture: Antarctic architecture provides imagery of the closest thing that people will be able see to a moon base, within their lifetimes. [...]

On the Blessed Origins of Festivus

While Seinfeld might have popularized Festivus (A Holiday for the Rest of Us!), the Costanza clan’s strange celebration of choice actually existed long before the show. The holiday, which features a stark aluminum pole instead of a Christmas tree, “The Airing of Grievances” where complaints are voiced about friends that have wronged you, and “The [...]

Fog observed on Saturn’s moon Titan

The south pole of Saturn’s moon Titan is shrouded in fog according to scientists, it is believed that the fog is formed from liquid evaporating fr…

The Quick 10: Happy Festivus!

Yes, friends, it’s that time of year again –- the time of year when we gather together with friends and family to share feats of strength, airing our grievances and putting up the seasonal aluminum pole. Indeed, it’s Festivus. What started as a joke on Seinfeld has become a bona fide holiday. Here are a [...]