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Polar Bear Doing a Handstand

(Video Link) This polar bear does a handstand underwater. Why? Because he can, and the humans watching him probably can’t. -via Marginal Revoloution

Baby Polar Bear Plays With Bucket

Remember the walrus and his stolen bucket? Well, Lolrus (actually, not a walrus but a really fat seal) may have kicked the bucket, but we’re glad to report that a baby Polar bear at Aalborg Zoo in Denmark has now picked up the meme. Hit play or go to Link [YouTube] – via Have You Seen [...]


German artist Susanne Karg makes awesome little felted caves for cats to snuggle up in. Some are for sale through Etsy. See more pictures at A Polar Bear’s Tale. Link -via TYWKIWDBI

Adorable Baby Bear

Isn’t he sweet? You may have seen this picture around the web the last few days. No, It’s not a tiny polar bear -it’s plush! And you can make one yourself, with a pattern from Etsy seller Tatiana Scalozub. Link -via Arbroath

The Polar Bear Song

(YouTube link) Well I’m a polar bear and my name is Bjorn and I’ve been a polar bear since the day I was born. Welcome to my kingdom and the world that I roam the circumpolar arctic, the place that I call home. Written by science teacher Tom Rugg. Complete lyrics are available at the YouTube link. This video is [...]