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PETA condemns Pokemon as ‘animal abuse’

The animal rights group is claiming that the Pokemon video games condone animal abuse and cruelty. The Pokemon series of video games has been a firm f…

A Tim Burton Inspired Pokemon Menagerie

These crude yet utterly adorable sketches are by Vaughn Pinpin, who decided to show the world what Pokemon would look like if they were drawn by Tim Burton. The only thing that would make this series better would be if Tim Burton actually drew them, then started making a series of animated shorts based on his [...]

I Choose You Beaded Pikachu

There’s plenty of Pokemon fan art out there, but this is the only 3D beaded sculpture I’ve seen of the precious little critters. DeviantArt user AgentDoppelnuller has a whole series of beaded Pokemon. Link Via Craftzine

This Pokemon Trading Card Costume Gets A +10 For Cuteness

Don Schwabs has committed an extremely original act of nerdery by wearing this adorable Pokemon trading card game costume to Melbourne’s Supanova Pop Cultcha Expo. If you see Don walking around at a Con near you give him a high five for me, and tell him not to get all bent out of shape if I [...]

One Sided Pokemon Battles

As boring as the Pokemon cartoon is for grown folks, can you imagine how much worse it would have been if the battles that took place were like these fight cards by Dorkly? Seems like some races of Pokemon were just asking for extinction! And what exactly is the Vanillish’s Pokemon power-deliciousness, or perhaps going straight [...]

Real Life Diglett Is Too Cute To Battle

Diglett may be one of the least popular Pokemon to collect, due to his small size and limited power, but in real life he sure is cute! He’s too cute to tag on, or back your car into after a long night at the local Sigma Chi house, and he’s probably a bit too heavy to [...]

Pokémon in the Little Golden Books Style

Imagine in a world in which Pokémon emerged in the 1940s instead of the 1990s, and in the United States instead of Japan. That’s what Becky Dreisdadt had in mind when she devised 151 Pokémon in the style of the Little Golden Books. Each Pokémon comes with a description of its savage combat abilities. Here’s [...]

What Pokeballs Would Look Like In Real Life

Who knew that pokeballs, the devices used by the characters in the anime series Pokemon to capture their little critter pals, would be so beautiful in real life? Created via photo manipulation by DeviantARTist wazzy88, their elemental contents look so real, like they could burst out at any moment in a surge of bling. No [...]

Gentlemon Make Pokemon Classy

Pokemon are so unrefined, but Gentlemon on the other hand are dignified enough to attend any formal event from a wedding to a gala. I’d take Gentlemon Pikachu as my date to a ball, that’s for certain. Link Via BuzzFeed

Pickachu Taxidermy

A Tokyo art collective known as ChimPom recycles exterminated rats as art objects. These rats have been painted and posed as the Pokémon character Pickachu. Is this weird or what? See more pictures at Smart Stop. Link -Thanks, Dan!