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These Two Are Looking to Get Revenge on the Burger King

Too long has the smiling king been a shining beacon of hope to the people. These two are here to knock him down. Fortunately, they still haven’t required Poison Wendy to join their team or the Dark King would certainly be done for. Link Via That’s Nerdalicious

An Outsider’s View of American Political Parties

(YouTube link) (YouTube link) German comedian Flula Borg explains why one American political party is better than the other one. He says he asked people about Republicans and Democrats, and then put their answers into his explanations. He made two videos, so pick your poison. -via Daily of the Day

4 Animals That Change in Captivity

Put a wild animal in a cage, and it’s bound to act differently. Zoologists and vets have many strategies to help an animal get settled and normalize its behavior in captivity. Psychological changes can be overcome with animal enrichment programs that keep creatures entertained and mentally stimulated—but some of the internal and physical changes in [...]

Ancient Poisoners Discovered

Image: Francesco d’Errico and Lucinda Blackwell Scientists studying the archaeological artifacts at the Border Cave in Africa discovered the earliest use of poison: The researchers also dated a lump of beeswax mixed with toxic resin that was likely used to haft, or attach, stone points to the shafts of arrows or spears. The beeswax dates to about [...]

Poison Pocket Tin Box

Poison Pocket Tin Box – $5.95 Are you looking for a suitable place to store your most prized, and perhaps toxic, tiny possessions. You need the Poison Pocket Tin Box from the NeatoShop. This  humorous little hinged box will always keep people wondering what is inside. Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for more splendid Money Banks [...]

Animals Hidden in Coffee Cups

While it lacks the menacing message of The Prisoner poison glass (which is, after all, the effect we generally want when entertaining guests) Ange-line Tetrault’s coffee cups have a certain charm. As you drink from one, you expose a bear, a fox or an owl. Link | Designer’s Website

The Alnwick Poison Gardens

The Alnwick Poison Gardens in Alnwick, England was established in 2005 by the Duchess of Northumberland. The grounds contain nearly 100 deadly plants that produce poisons or hallucinogens. Some are so dangerous, they are displayed only behind glass. And yes, there are opium poppies, cannabis, and magic mushrooms as well, but you can’t get close [...]

The Rat That Poisons Itself—For Defense

Plenty of animals have their own poison, but the African Crested Rat is the only known mammal outside of humankind to create poison from an external source. The rat chews on the bark of the Acokanthera tree until it starts to ooze a poisonous goo; the rat then rolls around in the substance to protect [...]

Eek! Mice Are Evolving An Immunity To Poison!

The rodents of the future will eat poison pellets like candy, according to new research conducted on mice found in a German bakery. The baker called in an exterminator to rid his business of the pests and discovered, to his horror, that the little buggers weren’t even fazed by bromadiolone, which is a very concentrated [...]

Nicotine replacements poisoning kids

Increase in calls to National Poison Centres prompts NZ government to issue warnings about poisonings After three very serious cases of poisoning of p…