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Jason Voorhees’ Pocket Knife

When Joerg Sprave of the Slingshot Channel (previously on Neatorama) wanted to make a folding pocket knife, you knew it’ll be awesome. Behold, the pocket knife worthy of Jason Voorhees of [...]

Nintendo Zapper Holster

Pocket carry isn’t safe, so A.F. 275 made a plastic over the waistband holster for his Nintendo Entertainment System Zapper: After making it of course I had to range test it. So I ran through six rounds a Duck Hunt, drawing on each duck from a holstered position and nailed every one of them. Link -via Everyday, [...]

Poison Pocket Tin Box

Poison Pocket Tin Box – $5.95 Are you looking for a suitable place to store your most prized, and perhaps toxic, tiny possessions. You need the Poison Pocket Tin Box from the NeatoShop. This  humorous little hinged box will always keep people wondering what is inside. Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for more splendid Money Banks [...]

Play With Your iPhone While It’s Still In Your Jeans Pocket

Guys, have you ever been sitting at a table in a restaurant and all you ever wanted to do is check your iPhone but your girlfriend or wife has threatened you upon pain of [...]

Oz Passport – Pocket Notebook

Oz Passport – Pocket Notebook Getting to Oz used to be quite an ordeal (traveling by tornadoes ain’t what it used to be!), but if your travel brings you to places that made you realize you aren’t in Kansas anymore, you need this Oz Passport Pocket Notebook to keep a journal. It’s also great as a convenient [...]

Controller-Mounted Hot Pocket Dispenser

The problem is popularly known as the Hot Pocket Conundrum, and it has vexed gamers for generations. Here it is: you need food, but that requires stopping the game. As this is obviously an unacceptable option, many gamers have starved to death on their couches. Thankfully, Ben Heckendorn has now solved that problem by designing [...]

Hello Kitty Apple Pies

Michele Chen of I Heart Baking made these adorable pocket pies shaped like Kitty White. At first, I thought that a pastry button would be a better nose than the punch out, but Michele explains that all of the holes serve as steam vents. Link -via That’s Nerdalicious!

7 Neat Tools For Your Favorite Geeks

This Christmas, give your favorite geeks the gifts and stocking stuffers they’ve always wanted: tools! Here are some of the neatest tools that we have on the NeatoShop: The Credit Card Survival Tool ($3.95) has [...]

Pocket Volcano

Pocket Volcano - $3.95 Is that a volcano in your pocket or are you just happy to see me. Oh, it is just a volcano in your pocket. How embarrassing. Wow, that Pocket Volcano from the NeatoShop gives off some eruption. Did you say it can be used over and over again? That’s fantastic. Be sure to check [...]

Yoda In Your Pocket

Yoda In Your Pocket - $8.95 Do you need constant advice? Do you wish Yoda was there to help you? You need Yoda in Your Pocket from the NeatoShop! With the push of a button Yoda will be there to lead you through your day. Be sure to check out all the amazing Keychains & Key Covers [...]