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Sam Lofgren’s table design is perfect for the contemporary plumber. It’s one piece in a line that uses the suction of plungers where other people would use screws, nails and glue. Link -via Design Boom

Just Watch Out For Rolling Barrels

Sure it looks cool, but just try putting something on your shelves -they’re bound to get knocked over over when the hairy ape at the top notices a plumber trying to get up there. Seriously though, I can’t help but be jealous of designer Igor Chak for having this and a Space Invaders couch in his [...]

Using Super Mario Bros. to Explain Medieval Manuscript Illumination

No, you’re not looking at a secret level in a Super Mario game. This is a picture of a medieval illuminated manuscript with a touch of photoshoppery applied. Carl Pyrdum, a medieval scholar, uses our friendly plumber to explain the artistic norms of the medium: In order to keep the man and his goat in the [...]

Grand Theft Mario V Mashup Trailer

(YouTube Link) Itsa mashup trailer, featuring gameplay footage of everyone’s favorite stereotype plumber and the audio track from the latest Grand Theft Auto V teaser. Every time Mario tries to get out they pull him back in, like a giant pipe with a secret chamber inside. –via GeeksAreSexy

10 Repairs You Should Never Pay For

Sometimes you need to get in touch with a plumber, but many times you can actually fix the clog yourself with a little elbow grease. Same thing with headphones, cars and bikes. LifeHacker has a great collection of things you can fix yourself in many cases along with links on how to do the repairs. Link

Mario Portal

What do you get when you combine Mario Bros. with Portal? Here’s your favorite plumber like you’ve never seen him before, courtesy of stabyourself: Hit play or go to Link [YouTube] – via The [...]

A Day in the Life of a Goomba

You’re just walking along with one of your friends, enjoying the lovely day and the grass between your non-existent toes – then a plumber comes out of nowhere and… the terror! The terror! You can probably guess what happens next. Link

Mario’s Colorful Resume

Many of us find ourselves working multiple jobs, even balancing simultaneous careers – but nobody has a LinkedIn profile like Mario! From plumber to doctor to race car driver, and even competing in the Olympics! Against a hedgehog, granted, but still, it’s impressive stuff. Times are tough and jobs are scarce — unless you’re a video [...]

Mario + Tetris = Tuper Tario Tros.

What do you get when you cross a pixel-y Italian plumber with some rapidly-falling tetrominoes? Tuper Tario Tros., of course. It’s like regular Mario, except you’ll encounter some obstacles that you’re going to need help surmounting. That’s when you’ll need to toggle to Tetris and use the shapes to help. Have fun! Link via Geekologie.