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The World’s Most Wonderfully Ridiculous Movie Computers

The concept of deus ex machina has saved many an unbelievable story, when the gods step in and do something that no mere mortal could do to advance the plot or resolve it. The modern counterpart is a real machine -the computer. Since a computer can conceivably do anything, especially in the future, writers make [...]

Amazing Spud City Carved Out of Potatoes

You like po-tay-to, I like po-tah-to, let’s call the whole thing … awesome: Behold a cityscape carved out of 80 pounds of potatoes by artist Peter Root (really). From The Sun: Peter Root, 33, spent three [...]

Sculptures of Extinct Birds Made with Discarded Chicken Bones

It reads like the plot for a great horror movie, but so far this is just an art exhibit. Christy Rupp takes chicken bones from fast food restaurants and assembles them into now-extinct birds. These are Carolina Parakeets, which were last seen in the wild in 1913. They’re back, and they want revenge. There you go, [...]

Plot Device

(Video Link) A young filmmaker needs an idea for a movie to launch his career. But he’s coming up dry. Then, while browsing, he sees a “Plot Device” for sale. What is it? He doesn’t know but buys it anyway. A mysterious device, labelled “Plot Device”, arrives in the mail a few days later. There is [...]

“Inception” Explained Via Folders

This is supremely nerdy. Back away from the computer now if you’re not up to the task. Are the normals gone yet? Good. Okay, if you’ve seen Inception, you know that it has a complex plot (see this plot diagram for more on that). Spoiler alert: the plot involves a series of dreams; dreamers may [...]

Hand-Drawn Plot Diagram of “Inception”

I liked Inception, the Christopher Nolan movie about dreams-within-dreams. Not only was it a wild ride as an action movie, but it presented a little puzzle for viewers at the very end, in the final shot. Without spoiling anything, let’s just say that the end puzzle is solvable by viewing the movie in detail and [...]

J.K. Rowling’s Plot Spreadsheet

(Click to enlarge.) When you’re writing a book (actually, a series of books) with a bunch of plot lines, you need a way to keep track of what’s going on. How can you structure the book so that everything fits, and moves, and you don’t leave out any of those zillions of characters and subplots? How [...]

10 Possible Sources of "Avatar" in Classic Science Fiction

“QUANTUM SHOT” #604Link – by Avi Abrams Going beyond the obvious comparisons with “Ferngully” and “Dances with Wolves” By now many of you have seen James Cameron’s epic “Avatar” and marveled at its breakthrough 3D immersion technology. Visually, the movie is beyond breathtaking. Perhaps it can even be compared to the advent of wide screen in movie [...]