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The Dalek and TARDIS Quilt

This quilt, by Craftster member graverobbergirl, is a great tribute to this show, featuring a plethora of daleks floating around the TARDIS. My favorite details though are the explosion around the TARDIS and the spacey piece around the edge. Link Via Craftzine

Over 40 Dwarf Names That Didn’t Make The Cut

It’s not surprising that the Disney writers and animators came up with a plethora of dwarf names to choose from while working on Snow White. What is surprising is that they were left with a whopping 47 unused names, and some of the names on the list are just plain awful. Names like Biggo-Ego, Flabby, and [...]

Beautifully Eerie Abandoned Hospitals

Photo by Matt Lambros There’s a plethora of T.V. shows out there that explore the creepiness of abandoned buildings, visiting them at the witching hour with night cams, trying to record ghostly spirits making an attempt to communicate with the living. But those same abandoned buildings can be quite gorgeous too. Photographer Matt Lambros has captured [...]

Knitted breasts

Knitted breasts now available on NHS When a baby is on its way, mothers-to-be can often expect a plethora of knitted presents such as clothes and blankets.Now one group of women is shaking up the tradition – commissioned by the NHS to knit 150 woollen breasts.The models, made by the Somerset Mothers’ Union, are being [...]

Ancient Egyptians tormented by bad teeth

A review of studies performed on Egyptian mummies over the past 30 years has revealed that the ancient Egyptians suffered from a plethora of denta…