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More Delightful and Awesome Geek Nail Designs

We’ve featured plenty of cool geek nail designs before, but if you just can’t get enough of them, then don’t miss this article filled with six awesome nerdtastic designs. Link

Delightful Doctor Who False Nails

We’ve seen plenty of great geek nail designs before, but this is the first set of false nails I’ve seen before, which could be a plus or minus depending on your personal preference. On the upside, you can buy these ones already decorated and ready to go. Link Via Fashionably Geek

Bud, The First Dog to Ride Across America In A Car

These days, plenty of people take their dogs with them when they drive across the country, but there was a time when taking a car across the U.S. was a big deal for humans -let alone a dog. That’s why Bud became such big news when he rode across the nation with Horatio Nelson Jackson [...]

Corsets For Sexy Geek Gals

We’ve featured plenty of geek lingerie before, but this is the first time I’ve seen so many great geeky corsets in one place. From clever uses of logos and colors like this one to designs incorporating licensed fabric patterns, Castle Corsetry has some of the greatest waist cinchers out there for us geek gals. Link Via [...]

A TARDIS You Could Wear to Prom

We’ve seen plenty of TARDIS dresses before, but this might just be the most fashionable and prom-worthy design yet. I really love how the model is actually strutting it like she’s on the runway -hey BBC take a hint and make this fashion a reality. Link Via The Daily What

"I Love Your Cake" "I Know"

We’ve seen plenty of Han and Leia references in weddings before, but this might just be the first cake featuring the two posed with the Death Star. How romantic! Link Via When Geeks Wed

Thems Some Fancy Pooches

We’ve all seen plenty of modern LOL cats, but these bulldogs dressed up in formal wear are an awesomely old-school version of the meme we’re all accustomed to. Link

I Choose You Beaded Pikachu

There’s plenty of Pokemon fan art out there, but this is the only 3D beaded sculpture I’ve seen of the precious little critters. DeviantArt user AgentDoppelnuller has a whole series of beaded Pokemon. Link Via Craftzine

Ninja Kitty Is Ready to Climb

(Video Link) We’ve seen plenty of ninja cats before, but this one is seriously amazing in his stealth skills. Via I Can Has Cheezburger

Ultimate Minimalist Movie Posters

We’ve featured plenty of minimalist posters on the site before, but nothing compares to Jed Stoneham’s minimalist posters that are truly as basic as you can get. Link Via¬† BoingBoing