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‘Smoking vaccine’ developed

Scientists have created a vaccine that can remove all pleasure derived from nicotine in the body. While the vaccine isn’t ready for use in humans yet …

An Adorable Papercraft Nintendo Sculpture

Artist Alex Hurret made this delightfully cute Nintendo monster for your papercrafting pleasure. You can make your own at home if you can’t wait to get your hands on this cartridge-eating terror. Link Via Geekosystem

Brilliantly Stupid Sign Graffiti

From Pedobears chasing children to “Stop Hammertime,” some graffiti artists have a great sense of humor. Happy Place has a lengthy collection of these reinterpreted signs for your viewing pleasure. Link

This Is One Talented Pup

(Video Link) This adorable corgi has some serious skills when it comes to balancing things on its head. In fact, this isn’t the only video he stars in, BuzzFeed has five more for your dog-viewing pleasure. Link

10 Cool Objects Made From Uranium Glass

Uranium glass isn’t radioactive enough to be dangerous, but it still has the unique ability to glow under the black light. WebEcoist has a fascinating article showing a variety of uranium glass creations for your viewing pleasure. Link

15 Stunning Modern Ceilings

While the Sistine Chapel is gorgeous, it’s not the only notable ceiling in the world. WebUrbanist has a great collection of stunning modern ceilings for your viewing pleasure. Link

Awesome 8 Bit Artworks

If you were a gamer during the 80’s, then you know just how amazing 8 bits can look, which is why you shouldn’t be at all surprised by these great 8 bit artworks -impressed yes, but surprised, no. WebUrbanist has plenty more for your viewing pleasure. Link

George Takei on Social Security: So Easy Kirk Can Do It!

Cushy retirement on the pleasure planet Risa is sadly still fiction, but aging Trekkers may still take pleasure in seeing George Takei’s YouTube clips for Social Security. Fanboy has the clips: Link (and that old lady beside him? Ohh, Myyy! You’ll be surprised when you find out who she is!)