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That’s a Big Bed

NBA player Al Jefferson is 6′9″ and 289 pounds. A regular bed just won’t cut it, and NBA stars can afford to have beds custom-made. So Jefferson got a bed that’s twelve feet long and ten feet wide! This picture is from his friend Mo Williams, who is shown demonstrating how big the bed is. [...]

Awesome Gaming Room Looks Like a Medieval Tavern

Axes on the wall, wrought iron vents, candles, tankards–this gaming room built by Monk Player is the ulimate dream of every Dungeons & Dragons player. Best of all: the table has hidden levels that contain miniature gaming supplies. Link -via Offbeat Home | Photo: Jef Bond Photography

How 13 Classic Video Games Got Their Names

Here are the stories of how famous video games got their names, and what they were almost called. 1. Pac-Man It’s not easy to create a game based solely on the concept of eating. But Namco employee Tōru Iwatani did just that in 1980 by taking the idea of a pizza with a slice missing, and then [...]

The Human Bowling Ball

In this inflatable bowling alley, the player gets inside the transparent bowling ball and maneuvers it to knock down six five-foot-tall foam pins. Man, this looks like fun! Too bad the product page at Hammacher Schlemmer says it’s for kids ages 5-12, that might mean it’s a bit small. If they made it large enough [...]

11 Reasons Athletes Change Their Names

Lakers star Ron Artest made waves this summer when he announce he was changing his name to Metta World Peace. Although it’s one of the more extreme moves, it’s far from the first time an athlete has adopted a strange name. Here are 11 great (and not-so-great) reasons athletes make the switch. 1. To get more [...]

Luigi Made In Tetris

(Video Link) I’ve always fancied myself a pretty good Tetris player, but even at my prime I don’t think I could make art with the blocks while playing the game. This takes some major skills. Via Geekosystem

The Boring, Mundane Things We Do In Video Games

I’ve noticed a bizarre trend recently that in video games often seemingly mundane tasks are required of the player. In fact  in some online games the entire point is to work in a store or restaurant. (Seriously.)  That’s why I was delighted to see this post on the boring things we do in video games. [...]

How to Win at Rock-Paper-Scissors

Want an edge over the average person playing rock-paper-scissors? Try playing blindfolded! An experiment by Richard Cook at University College in London shows that when players can see their opponent, there is a slight tendency to copy them. Cook asked 45 people to face off against each other in several rounds of rock-paper-scissors, in exchange for [...]

Playable Receipt Printer

(vimeo link) Joshua Noble, Martin Fuchs, and Philip Whitfield built “ReceiptRacer”, a game that can be played on a receipt printer. It’s like a classic arcade racing game in which the player must drive down a twisty path without hitting obstacles. A light moves over the continuously printing surface, representing the player. Sensors detect if the [...]

Penny Arcade Case Mod

Div is a surly, drunken DivX player from the webcomic Penny Arcade. You can view an archive of strips featuring him here. [H]olyGeekboy built a marvelous casemod out of a PVC pipe and Wild Turkey (and apparently some computer parts, too, but it’s the whiskey that makes the machine run). Link | Photo: Flickr user Brian [...]