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Luxury Cat Playhouse

Thanks to the modular design of this wall-mounted cat play area, if your cats get bored, you can quickly change the layout. I want a human-sized version to play on. Link (Google Translate) -via Theresa Coleman

Sand Art by Gunilla Klingberg

Remember playing with a toy that creates patterns in sand or Play-Doh? Well, artist Gunilla Klingberg took it to the next level: she used a tractor outfitted with special treads!

The 12 Most Unique Playgrounds in the World

Unless you had crazy parents who locked you up inside all day, all of us have enjoyed the freedom and wonder that make playgrounds magical. But it goes without saying that some playgrounds are far more spectacular and imaginative than others. Here are a few of the coolest playgrounds you’re ever likely to enjoy. Clemyjontri Park, [...]

Shakespeare’s Bear

In the play Winter’s Tale by William Shakespeare, we see a stage direction that has caused mouths to drop open since the 17th century: “Exit, pursued by bear.” Those who wrote about it mostly assumed he meant an actor in a bear costume. But Tom Levenson found an intriguing footnote in the book Verdi’s Shakespeare, [...]

"Mary Ann" Still Acting at 73

Dawn Wells, who played Mary Ann on the long-running ’60s TV series Gilligan’s Island, begins a run in a new play in Chicago tomorrow. And she still gets recognized wherever she goes. “I can’t go anywhere,” she says. “I can’t go to Beijing, I climbed with the gorillas in Rwanda. It’s ‘Mary Ann! Mary Ann!’ ” Although [...]

Top 10 Books Lost to Time

A Latin professor once told me that the number of texts that have survived from antiquity to modern times may be likened to a single cup of sand from a beach. But it’s not just major works from classical Greece and Rome that are lost. Some books by modern authors, too, have not survived the [...]

Soccer Ball That Is Also A Portable Generator

(YouTube link) Many children around the world don’t have electricity but they do play soccer. The soccket is a soccer ball that captures energy with every kick. Fifteen minutes of play produces three hours of light. The sOccket harnesses the kinetic (motion) energy of the soccer ball during normal game play and stores it for later power [...]

Whatever Happened to Play?

When browsing Bill Simmons’ new long-form sports site, Grantland, I found myself wondering two things. First, what is a “Grantland”? And second, didn’t the New York Times try this once? Although it only lasted two years, the Times’ Play magazine was an early attempt at a print version of Grantland. It combined long-form sports stories with [...]

Play More Notepad

Play More Notepad – $7.45 March Madness is sadly over, but the fun for you has just begun! With the Play More Notepad from the NeatoShop you can relive the dream (or your nightmare if you aren’t a huge UConn fan)! Till next year March Madness, till next year. Be sure to check out all the Office [...]

The Overlook Hotel Kids’ Placemat

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. So flip your restaurant placemat by artist Shane Parker over and keep yourself busy while watching The Shining. Link via Popped Culture | Artist’s Website