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4-Wheel Drive Rolls Royce is Ready for Baja

With a skid plate, raised axles and two spare tires in the back, this Silver Shadow is ready for the rigors of Baja racing. Ask the driver if he has any Grey Poupon. Link | Photo: wyoming warrior

A Chair Designed to Make Horror Movies Scarier

If you’d like to be even more terrified at horror movies, researchers at Japan’s University of Electro-Communications have just the right chair for you. The Chilly Chair will, on command, send mild electrical charges through you–just enough to raise your hair. The premise is that emotions are responses to physical changes, so changing a person’s [...]

Traces of 2,500-year-old chocolate found

A plate found in the Yucatan peninsula appears to show traces of ancient chocolate residue. The find is thought to expand upon the known uses for choc…

Deviled Eggs Plate

Deviled Eggs Plate – $25.95 Are you a fan of those deliciously sinful deviled eggs? You need the Deviled Eggs Plate from the NeatoShop. This plate will make you laugh evilly when it is full and sob silently when it is empty. The Deviled Eggs Plate is wickedly funny. Fill it with your devilish culinary creation today! Be [...]

One Ear Up

Does what it says on the vanity license plate! Via Blame it on the Voices

Manga-Inspired Plates

This stack of pancakes is bursting into action, thanks to a plate designed by Eisuke Tachikawa. His series turns eating lunch into a manga action/adventure sequence. Also neat: at the link, scroll down to the end to see an oven-safe ceramic bone that you can cook into bread to make it look like a slab of [...]

11 Nerdy License Plates

This might just be the best license plate joke I’ve ever seen. While the rest of the license plates on this Mental Floss list are all pretty funny, this one certainly takes the cake. Link

The Strangest At-Bat in History

Neatorama presents a guest post from actor, comedian, and voiceover artist Eddie Deezen. Visit Eddie at his website. Tens of thousands of games have been played in the history of Major League Baseball. But on August 19th, 1951, the strangest baseball at-bat ever recorded took place in Sportsman’s Park in St. Louis. It was on that [...]

Chew-Chew Train

Chew-Chew Train – $19.95 Is mealtime a up hill battle at your house? Bring the fun back to your table with the Chew-Chew Train from the NeatoShop. This great little set includes: plate small plate bowl and lid cup fork and spoon Combine all the pieces to create an adorable locomotive. Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for more Mealtime fun! Link

Which Would Help You Lose Weight: Eating with a Large or Small Fork?

Quick, which would help you eat less and lose weight: eating with a large fork or a small one? It made sense to me that the small one would be the answer – because you’d eat less food at a go – but science has proven otherwise: People who use big forks eat less compared with [...]