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Wonder Woman 16 oz. Plastic Travel Mug

Wonder Woman 16 oz. Plastic Travel Mug Are you warrior princess on-the-go? Break free from the chains of thirst and get the Wonder Woman 16 oz. Plastic Travel Mug from the NeatoShop. This lightweight mug comes with a snap lid and powerful message. Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for more great Glassware & Drinkware.  Link

Inside Monsanto’s House of the Future, 1957

In 1957, Monsanto demonstrated its vision for future housing, emphasizing one word: plastics. Its House of the Future was displayed at Disneyland from 1957 through 1967, and it envisioned a future home from the then-distant future of 1986. The house featured lavish conveniences including a microwave oven, ultrasonic dishwasher (for plastic dishes, of [...]

S’Mores Spaghetti

You can’t just eat s’mores every day. People look at you funny. Turn it into a normal meal. Nick of Dude Foods did so by turning the treat into spaghetti. He used agar powder mix chocolate noodle mix. Then he used a syringe and plastic tubes to shape it into noodles: The noodles are then created [...]

Nintendo Zapper Holster

Pocket carry isn’t safe, so A.F. 275 made a plastic over the waistband holster for his Nintendo Entertainment System Zapper: After making it of course I had to range test it. So I ran through six rounds a Duck Hunt, drawing on each duck from a holstered position and nailed every one of them. Link -via Everyday, [...]

A Life-Size LEGO Forest in the Australian Outback

Plastic life emerged in this desert near the mining town of Broken Hill, Australia. LEGO’s marketing division for Australia and New Zealand planted 15 life-sized LEGO trees and flower beds. View more pictures at the link. Link | Photo: LEGO

Life Without Plastic

Sandra Krautwaschl, of Graz, Austria, was astonished by the amount of plastic trash on the beaches of Croatia, where recycling is not done on the scale of her native country. She wondered what it would be like to not have all that plastic in her family’s daily life. The Krautwaschl-Rabensteiners decided to try and live a [...]

A Mushroom That Eats Plastic

Researchers from Yale University recently discovered a mushroom in the jungles of Ecuador that is most magical indeed, for this little fungus dines on polyurethane, a very common type of plastic. Here’s more on this amazing fungus: The fungi, called “Pestalotiopsis microspore”, is able to survive on eating plastic alone—while without the need for air or light. Students [...]

Steampunk Portal Gun Is Brasstastic

A while back I posted about the Portal Gun replica being released by NECA, and it was glorious (the gun, not the article). Well, this bad mofo, built by crafty individual Batman-N-Bananas, puts that pretty little number to shame. It’s a Steampunk styled Portal Gun, like the one carried by Chell in the Portal video game [...]

Amazing Packing Tape Portraits

Max Zorn creates portraits consisting of backlit sheets of clear plastic with layers of brown masking tape carefully applied and trimmed with an X-Acto knife. He then hangs them on street lamps at night to place his scenes in their original dark, urban environments. Watch a time-lapse video of his creation process at the link. Link [...]

Red Plastic Chopstick

When things are tough, excuses plenty, and you’re ready to give up, read this inspiring story about Peter Winkler and his red plastic chopstick. In the virtual world, Winkler roams free. He blogs. He comments. [...]