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Man Sued Wife for Ugly Baby

I’m a firm believer that no babies are ugly, but a man named Jian Feng from China apparently believed that there are such a thing, and that his own baby is one. Because his wife [...]

Forget the Fairy Godmother! Plastic Surgery to the Rescue

Who needs fair godmother, witchcraft, or even a royal kiss when you’ve got plastic surgery? These "We Make Fairy Tales Come True" ads by Clinica Dempere in Venezuela cleverly spoofed Disney’s characters. Link [...]

Creepy Face Changing 3D Software

(Vimeo Link) Have you ever wanted to look like Michael Jackson but can’t afford all that expensive plastic surgery? No? Well, me neither, but Arturo Castro’s “real time face-swapping technology” looks pretty cool, except for the horrifying MJ mode. -via Best Week Ever

Author plans Shakespeare plastic surgery

Best-selling author Zhang Yiyi is to have plastic surgery in order to look like William Shakespeare. It will take 10 facelifts and $153,000 to undergo…

Wanted man performed DIY plastic surgery

A man wanted for murder in Japan performed plastic surgery on his own face to conceal his identity. To help avoid being caught Tatsuya Ichihashi used …

LED Eyelashes

(YouTube Link) Artist Soomi Park created a LED rig that gives the user the appearance of having glowing eyelashes. Here’s her motivation: An LED Eyelash project is brought into the world to find an answer to this simple question: Why do women want larger and bigger eyes? In particular, Asians tend to have stronger needs for bigger [...]