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What Are Eye Boogers, Anyway?

Every morning when I wake up, I’ve got stalagmites of crust in my eyes. What is this stuff, and where does it come from? That crust is a type of rheum, a thin mucus naturally discharged from our eyes, noses and mouths. Rheum is made up of mucus, skin cells, oils and dust. The rheum that [...]

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I enjoy learning about cities that got creative with their official symbols. For example, the plastic pink flamingo is the official bird of Madison, WI. Back in the 1980s, California’s Redondo Beach adopted the Goodyear Blimp as their official bird. So if a town or city near you had a little fun with its official animal [...]

Madison, Wisconsin’s Official Bird: Pink Plastic Flamingo!

The budget wasn’t the only thing that the council members of Madison, Wisconsin, had to consider during its meeting: they also decided to make the plastic lawn flamingo its official bird! The new mascot was debated for five minutes, and then the Common Council voted 15-4 to make the plastic pink flamingo the official city bird. The [...]