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A Plant Makes Mice Spit Out its Seeds

Plants develop tasty fruit mainly because the animals that eat it help disperse the seeds. The berry plant Ochradenus baccatus takes this a giant step further, with an enzyme and catalyst formula that causes mice to do its bidding. You know, like those drain cleaners that mix two chemicals to become extra-powerful for a short [...]

The Late Movies: 13 Carnivorous Plants Eating Insects…and More

Tonight, prepare to be a little grossed out: videos of carnivorous plants eating stuff. Not for the faint of heart! Sundew vs. Fruit Fly Timelapse Taken over six hours. Venus Flytrap vs. Slug The audio is just buzzing, making it even more bizarre. Venus Flytrap vs. Fly Tense. Audio is bad/unimportant. Venus Flytrap vs. Butterfly and Frog That might actually [...]

Plant Markers That Look Like Gravestones

I love gardening, but I’m not very good at it, which is why I absolutely adore these cute graveyard plant markers. After all, this way you can leave them up after you manage to kill off your poor plants with your not-so-green thumb. Link Via Craftzine

Wearable Plants

Photo credit: Colleen Jordan “Why should your plants stay at home?” asks Etsy artist Colleen Jordan. Thanks to her acrylic planter jewelry, they don’t have to. She also makes a brooch that I find a bit more wearable. Whether you get the necklace or the brooch/pin, you’ll have to supply your own plant, though Colleen [...]

Geometric Terrariums

Terrarium (or technically, vivarium) is a neat glass enclosure for plants but for some, they’re too … boxy. Well, never fear! Here are some geometric terrariums for the boxophobics: Link

Spring comes early due to global warming

Spring appears to be arriving earlier every year due to global warming according to a leading botanist. The change in the times at which plants bloom …

Plants You Can’t Kill

They say that cacti are for people who can’t keep plants alive, but what do you do if your black thumbs kill even the hardiest cactus? Artist Shannon Gerard has the answer: crocheted cacti called Plants You Can’t Kill. Like my other crochet projects, Plants You Can’t Kill are attractive on the surface while also speaking [...]

Predatory dinosaurs became vegetarians

New research suggests two-legged predatory dinosaurs would have ended up only eating plants. Up until now carnivorous theropod dinosaurs were thought …

New solar fuel machine unveiled

A new solar device that can convert solar energy in to transportable fuel has been developed. The device is to said to mimic plants in that it convert…

World’s oldest plant is 13,000 years old

The Jurupa Oak is so old that it was alive during the last Ice Age and before human agriculture. Unlike most plants the ancient oak reproduces by clon…