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Chocolate Solar System

I’m not entirely sure because the website in in Japanese, but it appears that a chocolatier called L’éclat offers chocolate versions of the planets of our solar system. Sadly, they’re not to scale, or else I’d call dibs on Jupiter! Link (Google Translate) -via Nerdcore

Solar System Cake Pops

Jeromina Juan of Paper, Plate, and Plane made cake pops that look like the planets of our solar system (minus Pluto, which shows which side she’s on). The ring for Saturn was made with a candied disk shaped on parchment. Link via Craft

False Dawn: The Zodiacal Pyramid of Light

Photo: Kwon O. Chul, TWAN The gorgeous pyramid of light above is called the zodiacal light. Andrew Fazekas of the National Geographic News explains the elusive celestial phenomenon: Unlike the stars and gases of the Milky Way, which stretch away from Earth for light-years, the source of the zodiacal light lies between the inner planets of our [...]