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Helicopter Rescue

Warning NSFW – Strong Language A two man Robinson R-22 helicopter was passing by a group of large houses when the crew sees a kid flying a small toy plane. When the plane crashes in the tree tops, the guys decide to perform a daring rescue of the P51 Mustang. Pretty great. -Via Orange

The Five Best Plane Crashes In Cinema

Unreality magazine discusses movie plane crashes and how terrifying they are. Of course, they are never as terrifying as a real crash. Pictured here is the airline about to crash in the film Castaway. I hate to admit it, but I have only seen one of these movies, and that was once in a theater [...]

The Dalai Lama’s Greatest Fear: Sharks

Last year, he was warned that Chinese agents had trained women to kill him using poison-laced scarves. So it would be understandable if his greatest fear would be being assassinated. But no, that’s not [...]