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Faces on Strainers

Plain strainer you say? Look closely … Spanish artist Isaac Cordal sculpted faces onto metal cooking strainers, which cast beautiful shadows. Link – Thanks Isaac! | Previously on Neatorama: Into the Abyss

I Find This Gathering of Penguins Somewhat Ominous

Officially, the 200,000 penguins are on the Salisbury Plain of South Georgia Island to mate. But still, that’s a lot of penguins. If they were ever to make a power grab, this would be the time. Link via Kuriositas | Photo by Flickr user Liam Q used under Creative Commons license

Attention Cleveland-Area _flossers!

Cleveland Plain Dealer columnist and mental_floss contributor Bud Shaw has always had a soft spot for the quirky side of sports. His travels have put him in the living room of wrestler Jesse “The Body” Ventura, who would later become governor of Minnesota, in the office of a Buddhist monk in Japan who was dressed [...]