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Man Saved By Cellphone Battery

Most people choose their cellphone based on available apps, keyboard placement, battery longevity, and other features, but here’s one you’ve probably never considered: ability to stop a bullet. If you’re looking for a phone that may double as a bulletproof vest, Robert Altertini will be the first person to suggest you reach for an Evo [...]

Over-the-Top Product Placements

I’m not anti-product placement. (Did I mention I’m writing this while wearing my “Pluto: Revolve in Peace” shirt?) I just wish all product placements were this blatant and unintentionally hilarious: Lots more examples from Days of Our Lives over at Urlesque. Looks like comedian Kristen Schaal got the ball rolling over the weekend via her Twitter [...]

Unfortunate Advertisement Placement

Here is a list 15 ordinary advertisements that likely wouldn’t be neat if it weren’t for the poor placement. Personally, I ignore ads for the most part so I don’t think i would be the one to notice the Folgers ad placed on a webpage next to an article linking coffee to heart attacks. I enjoy [...]